‘Terms of business’ refers to the document where you articulate the mutually agreed-upon terms between you and your customer, whether pertaining to goods sales or service delivery. This document establishes the foundational framework for your relationship with the customer.

The specific contents of your terms of business agreement are contingent on the nature of your business, but it is advisable to include these standard terms:

  • Description of the goods
  • Price adjustments
  • Payment particulars
  • Delivery and insurance provisions
  • Operational details regarding service performance
  • Stipulations regarding responsibilities and warranties
  • Liability specifications
  • Confidentiality clauses, encompassing the utilisation and safeguarding of any intellectual property
  • Assignment considerations, addressing scenarios such as the sale of either party or the potential assignment of the contract to respective subsidiaries
  • Termination notice guidelines
  • Compliance with Data Protection and other pertinent statutory requirements
  • Dispute resolution procedures

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your terms of business, or would like one of our team of lawyers to review your current documentation please get in touch.