Supply of goods agreements play a crucial role in providing both buyers and suppliers with a comprehensive understanding of their business relationship. These contracts meticulously outline the respective responsibilities of each party and clearly state the dynamics governing their collaboration.

When purchasing or supplying goods, clarity regarding commitments is paramount. For buyers, this may involve securing price stability in a volatile market or ensuring a steady supply stream. Suppliers, on the other hand, may prioritise assurances that investments in equipment are supported by guaranteed orders or that their liability is limited in case of unforeseen issues.

A well-crafted supply of goods agreement should encompass key considerations, such as:

  • Clearly defining expectations for service provision
  • Establishing a transparent pricing structure and defining payment methods
  • Articulating the nature of the business relationship between the buyer and supplier
  • Incorporating terms and conditions integral to the agreement
  • Formalising warranties, indemnity protection, and liability limits
  • Implementing a structured mechanism for agreement termination
  • Establishing procedures for resolving disputes
  • Ensuring compliance with consumer legislation

With extensive experience working with businesses of varied scales on similar supply agreements, our team of lawyers is dedicated to ensuring that your company’s supply-related documentation offers robust protection while mitigating foreseeable risks.