A joint venture agreement serves as a contract between two or more parties who want to pursue a shared business project. The JV agreement establishes a framework for business operations, roles and responsibilities, laying out the ground rules to safeguard the interests of all the business partners. In clarifying these terms of business in a legally bounding documents it helps to minimise the possibility of future disputes – but also creates the legal framework to determine the validity of any future disputes.

While joint venture agreements can be informal, seeking specialist legal counsel is highly recommended. Drafting a comprehensive agreement, specifying each party’s rights and obligations, and outlining potential amendments is essential. The success of joint ventures hinges on shared objectives, a well-defined strategy, commitment, and a thorough joint venture agreement.

At AG Corporate Law, our team provides guidance on a diverse range of corporate and commercial joint ventures at local, national, and international levels. You can count on our skilled solicitors to strategically negotiate agreement terms, offering insights on structure, intellectual property, profit-sharing arrangements, and a seamless exit strategy.

Joint ventures also often involve additional commercial arrangements such as Intellectual Property licenses, Management Agreements, Agency Agreements, Distribution Agreements, or Franchise Agreements. We collaborate closely with pension, tax, and financial advisors to assist clients in structuring their joint ventures efficiently and effectively.