Whether you’re considering the expansion of your business through franchising, managing an established franchise network, or exploring your first franchise venture, securing legal assistance is essential to safeguard your business and investments.

Franchising has become an increasingly popular method for business growth, leveraging a proven and profitable business model. It offers a supportive structure for those starting a business, with the franchisor providing guidance. Whether you find yourself in the role of a franchisor or a franchisee, establishing a robust and equitable franchise agreement is paramount for fostering a successful and lucrative business partnership.

What does a franchise agreement entail?

Franchising establishes a legal relationship between a ‘Franchisor’ and a ‘Franchisee,’ wherein the Franchisor grants the Franchisee a license to operate their own business under the name or brand of the Franchisor.

A franchise agreement is the legal document outlining the terms and conditions governing the relationship between a Franchisor and a Franchisee.