AGCL brings extensive expertise to managing both national and international procurement arrangements for goods and services. We represent a diverse clientele, including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, customers, and agents, ranging from billion £ turnover business to SMEs.

Commercial contracts are inherently intricate, demanding a depth of expertise across various sectors and a firm understanding of domestic and international trade, market dynamics, and other factors influencing a business’s supply chain. Our team of commercial contract solicitors offers precise, business-oriented, and practical guidance.

Our commercial contract solicitors invest time to understand our clients’ operations to pinpoint potential risks and provide practical solutions. We ensure meticulous drafting of contract terms to address aspects such as payment terms, title, risk, liability, and each party’s respective obligations. With our wealth of expertise, we understand that many client requirements extend beyond the scope of a written contract.

Taking a collaborative approach, our commercial contract solicitors address broader considerations, including data protection, competition law and intellectual property, to comprehensively cater to our clients’ needs.